Monday, September 8, 2014

Good Morning,
I was nominated by my very dear friend Darcy, of Crafting With Darcy to do The Creative Blog Hop!  I have never done this before, so here goes!  Darcy and I met when we both became DT members at The Outlwaz Challenges about a year ago!  We started talking to kind of help each other learn the ropes, although she was a much bigger help to me, than I was to her, because she understands all of this stuff!   You know how sometimes you meet someone and you just hit it off....well, that is how it was with Darcy!   We now talk daily, and I so look forward to hearing from her!   We have so many common interests and experiences!   

The Creative Blog Hop happens every Monday and hops from crafter to crafter.  We all answer the same questions.

1.  What am I working on?
     I always have a couple of cards in progress...sometimes just  in my mind, but still in progress!  I am on the DT for Twisted Thursday at the Outlawz, so I am always trying to create new cards for the challenges.   I love learning new techniques and trying them out!

2.  How does my work differ from others of my genre? 
     I think everyone develops their own style that is constantly evolving.  My style has changed as I have learned new things and gotten better at some techniques.  Over all, I think I like making cards that have some Copic Pen coloring on them, or colored pencil, or some sort of art medium.   

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
   I have always enjoyed creating something, and I like the feeling of creating something that is totally yours.  As a kid, I was constantly doodling, and my Mom taught me to crochet when I was 5, so I started making outfits for  my stuffed animals.  Over the years I have tried just about every craft out there, and have enjoyed them all.   I find it very relaxing, so I guess thats why I do it!

4. How does my creation process work?  I'm not sure!   Sometimes ideas come to me easily, and other times I struggle for days to complete one card!  I usually start out with:
   Whats the challenge?
    What image do I want to use?
    What is the occasion for the card?
    I color the image
    Then I sit surrounded by papers and dies trying many options before I get the glue out!
    Last, I like to add embellishments like gems, Stickles, flowers, whatever!
    Then I try to always finish the inside of my card so that it matches the outside in some way.  Sometimes the inside takes 
    longer than the outside!

Now it is time to nominate 3 people for the blog hop.  This is going to be hard!   I think everyone should be nominated!

Here's my list, which is in no way complete...I want to nominate my whole DT team at the Outlawz!   But since I can't, I will nominate the people I have worked with the longest!

3. Pia Skarning

Pia is another team mate that joined the Twisted Thursday DT shortly after I did!  Pia lives in Norway and makes beautiful cards for our challenges!   She is another extremely talented DT member!  

And I just want to say that Olga Moore at

is another team mate and should be nominated also, along with 
Andrea Beecroft at

Now, please join in the fun and visit these awesome blogs!

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