Monday, April 28, 2014

Wow, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by my good friend Darcy, over at Crafting with Darcy!  This is a pretty cool award for  bloggers with less than 300 followers!  You can read all about it here!
I want to thank Darcy for  giving me this honor!  Part of the award is to nominate 5 more blogs for this award and to answer some questions about yourself that were given by the nominator, so here goes!
1.  How long have you been crafting?

     I have been crafting for as long as I can remember!   As a very young child I loved coloring books....and today I am still coloring, but instead of crayons ( well, sometimes crayons ) I use Copic Markers...A.K.A....grown-up crayons!

2. Did someone inspire you to start crafting?

    We had a wonderful art teacher in elementary school, Mrs. Lewis, and she always had the coolest projects for us to do.   I would often go home and do the project over again with the help of my Mom.

3. What is your favorite type of craft?

    That changes a lot because I like to try so many new things, but at the moment it is Copic coloring and making cards.

4. Do you craft alone or in a group?


5. What are your favorite tools or gadgets?

    That is a tough one, but currently I am loving Spellbinders Dies!

6.  Is your craft room a) Immaculate  b)Somewhat messy, but organized c) Disaster Zone

      I am going with C, but I prefer to call it Creative Chaos!

7.  Digi images or rubber?

  I use both, but prefer digs ( so easy to store)!

8.  What kind of projects are out of your comfort zone?

     I am just starting to fool around with Mixed Media, so I am not comfortable with that, yet!

9.  When shopping for crafty things, do you prefer online sites or actual stores?

      I guess online, because I tend to get carried away in stores and just can't leave!

10.  Do you have a monthly crafting budget?

       No, but I should!

11.  Of all the bloggers you know, who has inspired you the most?
        There are a lot, but I would pick Pat St. Martin, and Darcy Schroeder, because both have taken
         the time to help me get started on my way to blogging!   I had no idea what I was doing and
         sometimes I still don't, but they are always there to help and give me ideas!   Thanks you, Pat
         and Darcy!

Rules for participation in the Liebster Award Nominations

Thank you Liebster Blog Award presenter on you blog and answer the questions they presented. 
  • Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
  • Copy and paste the pink Liebster Award logo to your blog.
  • Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award who have less than 300 followers. 
  • Create a new list of 11 questions for them.
  •  Inform them of their nomination.  

I would like to nominate the following people!

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